Usergroup Overview

Usergroup Overview

BPN Membership Levels

People new to BPN may sign into BPN without paying and will have a trial period as “Limited Member” with some privileges for starting new threads, posting images and commenting on other threads. After 90 days they will become “Viewers” and will be limited to read-only privileges. They will no longer be able to start or comment on threads.

People who were non-paying “Forum Participants” (until 1 March 2015) are all moved to 'BPN Limited Member'. On 1 June 2015 they will loose this privilege and will become 'BPN Viewer'.

Note 1: Upon registration a new user will briefly be a 'Forum Participant', the system will move the user to the 'BPN Limited Member' group.

Note 2: In case a user's membership expires, the user will become a 'Forum Participant'. The system will move the user to the 'BPN Viewer' group after a while.

In order for a Viewer to regain posting and replying privileges he/she will need to sign up and pay for 'BPN Membership'. Note that the BPN Member group has more privileges than the Limited Member groups: see the table below.

FeatureBPN Member or Lifetime MemberForum ParticipantBPN Limited Member(ship)BPN Viewer
Number of threads1 per day per forum1 per week per forum1 per day per forum, for 90 daysnone
Number of postsunlimited20 per monthunlimited, for 90 daysnone
Image Hostingby BPNexternalby BPNn/a
Used Gear Forum Accessyesnonon/a
Two-line selfpromotional signatureyesnonono
Feature in Publisher's Favoriteyesnoyesn/a
Access to Workshop and Lecturesyesnoyesno
Eligible for Image of the Weekyesnonon/a
Personal Album hosted on BPNyesnonono
Thread Thumbnailyesnoyesn/a
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