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Thread: Micro Adjustment: fine tuning

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    Default Micro Adjustment: fine tuning

    Getting that bloody dot exactly in the center is probably the most frustrating aspect of this process. I get to the point where I can just barely see the dot somewhere but not exactly in the center: IS THAT SUFFICIENT?

    I started with my 70-200 and am still on my 70-200.

    There is a significant back focus issue; the numbers above the zero all the way to the 20 are from very crisp to crisp, and the numbers below the zero are progressively more out of focus.

    In Artie's tutorial in the Blog (, the first image of the 800 set at zero where there is no front or back focus, the numbers are clearly the same amount of focus above and below the zero; is it sufficient after you apply MA that the numbers are uniformly soft?

    I slowly dialed one click at a time until at -7 all of the numbers from about 0-12 are reasonably in focus and reasonably equally soft above and below the zero: IS THAT SUFFICIENT, or should I be able to cause the numbers from about 0 -12 as in Artie's first image to be equally sharp as compared to equally soft?

    I have also posted this in the Blog so that Michael Tapes might also respond.

    Cheers, Jay

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    Perhaps, you have one of the lenses that just is not sharp. I tested 3 new 70-200 MII lenses and 2 were spot on with the other remaining soft regardless of micro adjustment. As I have mentioned in the past...the Canon QC leaves a lot to be desired.


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