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Thread: Florida Burrowing Owls

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    Default Florida Burrowing Owls

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    I captured this image in Cape Coral, Florida. This is the first image I have taken of Florida Burrowing Owls, now I have many. Seeing Hurricane Ian make landfall in the Cape Coral area my first thoughts went to these owls that live in burrows dug into the earth. I pray they are okay, they survived Hurricane Charlie several years ago. Time will tell when I can get back down there after things are cleaned up. Comments and critique welcomed and appreciated. Thank you for viewing.

    Nikon D7000
    Nikon 70-300mm VR AF-S ED, handheld
    1/400 F/8 Matrix Metering EV 0 ISO 320 Auto WB, image captured at 300mm (450mm 35mm Equivalent)
    Post processed in Lightroom Classic, Photoshop CC 2022 and Topaz Denoise AI
    Cropped for composition and presentation

    P.S. How things have changed, now I would have been using a higher shutter speed and higher ISO. As I remember, it was early morning and pretty dark, see how large the pupils are in the owls eyes.
    Joe Przybyla

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    Now that's some serious eye contact! Love the color and detail on the birds. They're so striking and crisp that you could loosen the crop without losing impact; the birds are really tight as is.

    Funny that you thought about the welfare of the owls as I did the exact same thing. I've shot in Cape Cora before, so I could imagine the water pouring into their ball-field burrows.

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