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Thread: Afternoon Lighting - Merritt Is. vs. Viera W.

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    Default Afternoon Lighting - Merritt Is. vs. Viera W.

    Less than the ideal time, I will have a one day early afternoon to sunset visit in mid-November. Outside of factors of water levels, road closures, and bird numbers . . . I am unfamiliar with the shooting angles vs. sun position for photography from 2PM to sunset/closure at Black Point Drive vs. Viera Wetlands. I recall at Viera Wetlands (Rich Grissom), the multitude of road angles gives you at least one good angle. But from many years ago, I recall Black Point Drive shooting all out the driver side, which is north?


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    I've been to both many times. I would do Black Point Drive. Viera is a great place but for the most part you are high up on the road and are shooting down on many of the birds that are in the water. Shooting angles are not as good. For that reason I prefer Merrit Island. Can get at eye level in most places. Also have the scrub areas that are good for Florida Scrub Jay and others.

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