Below find download links to three newly published (popular) articles on raptors in Thailand and Nepal. The articles stem from our raptor migration work along the east coast of southern Thailand (Khao Dinsor), as well as up in the mountains of Nepal near Pokhara (Thoolakharka).

Each article contains many color photos of Asian raptors in the hand and in flight:

Flight Identification of Six Southeast Asian Accipiter Species: Chinese Sparrowhawk; Japanese Sparrowhawk; Shikra; Besra; Crested Goshawk and Eurasian Sparrowhawk. Here is the link:

(2) Ringing (Banding) migrant sparrowhawks in southern Thailand:

(3) Flight identification of ‘Black-eared’ Kite and ‘Pariah’ Kite in Nepal and Thailand:

All the articles were published in BirdingASIA within the last year. We recommend reading each of the articles as a two-page display - in Adobe Acrobat go to: VIEW > PAGE DISPLAY > TWO PAGE VIEW

If you want to know more about our research site in Thailand, download this article:

If you want to know more about our research site in Nepal, download this article:

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