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denise ippolito

Introducing the MiniMag

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Creative Photography eMiniMagazine aka the MiniMag[/URL]

The mini-magazine is a place where folks can learn about a variety of photographic styles and enjoy an assortment of fun and interesting post-processing techniques and Photoshop tips. I want to encourage you to develop your creative side and offer ideas that can be useful in helping you achieve your artistic vision through photography. When I first started in digital photography I could never find the information I was looking for. It was hard to find folks who were willing to share their creative techniques or I simply did not know where to turn. I have always enjoyed sharing and teaching. I began this crazy journey, my "creative adventure," to have fun, to learn a lot, and to meet new people. I am looking forward to continuing that journey with the mini-mag.

Many of our contributors are BPN members and Mods!! Check us out!
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