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Thread: Barn Swallows in Cypress, Texas

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    Default Barn Swallows in Cypress, Texas

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    I am David Hillery in Cypress, Texas.
    To introduce myself I will try to post a photo or two of my birds, which have used a nest on my apartment balcony for about three years now. I put a drop-cloth under the nest every mid-February, so the mess is easy to clean-up in August when they fly to South or Central America! The same female returns every year and we have had about 14 fledglings in three nesting seasons. My apartment complex balconies have a whole flock of Swallows every year chattering and soaring around the area like kids playing!
    Now to try and post a couple photos.

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    Welcome to BPN David! How cool as that to have nesting Barn Swallows at your apartment complex. Fun to watch I'm sure!

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