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Thread: R3, R5 & R6 firmware update

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    Default R3, R5 & R6 firmware update

    For those of you who have the above camera bodies, note Canon has released a new Firmware update, albeit they weren’t exactly shouting this out, however for those of us who have the R3, it can now shoot 195 raw in a single burst, but note it takes around 9 seconds to buffer. You do loose metering & AF, but 195 fps, Raw!!!

    Note you do need to go into the main menu to activate this.
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    And here are some of the notable features added by firmware updates for the R5 and R6:
    Improved compatibility with RF400mm F2.8 L IS USM and RF600mm F4 L IS USM lenses.
    Supports FTP transfer function via wired LAN connection.
    We fixed an issue that could cause the camera to freeze during remote shooting.
    We fixed an issue that could cause the camera to freeze when using certain lenses.

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