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Thread: Warning: Horrible Customer Service from Pentax / Ricoh

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    Default Warning: Horrible Customer Service from Pentax / Ricoh

    Hi. Just wanted to post this warning before you spend your hard earned money. You'd be wise to never buy any Pentax or Ricoh products like I did. Their customer service is virtually non-existent. Ricoh and Pentax share a customer service / repair system.
    I bought a pair of 12x50 PCF WP II binos. The aluminum connector on the left eyepiece broke, such that it would not focus.

    My extensive online research revealed only two possible places for repairs in the USA: Denver Pentax customer service / repair center, and Precision Camera in Enfield, CT. Further research revealed that the Denver center had been shut down (yet its presence not removed from the web; was indicating it was a going concern). So that left only one option, Precision Camera.

    I sent it to them (their website did NOT - repeat did NOT - tell me to call first to get a R.A. number - it just said mail the item in; so I did). Well, they flat out refused to do the repairs, even though they admitted they had the parts, and even though I stood ready, willing, and able to pay ANY amount necessary for their repairs and return shipping - only reason they refused to do anything was simply because I did not have my original receipt (who keeps those?). Regardless, receipt or not, I'm willing to PAY for the repairs, so.... what gives? Went round and round on the phone; multiple phone calls; well over an hour, probably 2 hours. They started a problem ticket there at Precision, and started a problem ticket at Pentax as well. NO ONE from either outfit EVER contacted me back as promised, to resolve the open problem tickets.

    Two months later, they shipped them back untouched with the phrase "RETURNING UNREPAIRED" in the box called "Explanation of Repairs". No other explanation. PCR Tag # 4721329

    This is the most absurd thing I've ever heard in my life, that they won't let you PAY for the repairs you need - they admitted to me on the phone that there was no other possible authorized repair center for Pentax.

    Just ridiculously bad customer service. So caveat emptor. Does anyone know some outfit who might have parts for this bino? Or know how to completely remove the left side so that I can use the good side as a monocular? I'm stuck at a point disassembling that I can't get past - nothing else threaded to take off. Thanks.

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    thanks for the warning, I didn't know these companies were still in business, they are probably at the verge of bankruptcy as the camera market shrinks rapidly in all but pro/high end won't find many if any wildlife photographers using this brand....
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