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Thread: Barred Owl Nest (Peak-A-Boo).

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    Default Barred Owl Nest (Peak-A-Boo).

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    This is Ottawa's most famous nest with pretty much every birder and bird photographer aware of it. Barred Owls having been using this mega-cool birch tree successfully as a nest for many years now. I have never photographed the adults inside the nest until now (I did post some owlet images form out of the nest before), but during a rainy day in March I decided to go pay a visit. Good call I think.

    Canon 7DII + 500mm f/4 II + 1.4TC III, manual exposure, evaluative metering, 1/400s., f/5.6, ISO 1600, natural light, handheld, FF, a few stray twigs removed to clean up the scene.

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