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    Default Song Sparrow Singing

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    I made this image in Bear River Migratory Refuge.
    I have been wanting to go to Refuge early morning. Most of my trips so far have been to reach mid-day and then spend the evening photographing birds.
    During this trip, I found that morning lighting is better in Bear River Refuge than late evening light due to the position on mountains relative to Auto Car loop.

    This image was made from Car with Bean Bag.
    I have made multiple trips and found some good shots with Song Sparrows. I will post them soon.

    Camera Settings:-
    Nikon D850 600 f/4 + 1.7 x TCII
    1/2500 sec; f/7.1; ISO 800
    Manual; Matrix metering

    Post Processing:-
    Raw Processing using C1P 20
    Slight Cropping
    Nik 25-25 Filter on Bird at reduced opacity
    Tonal Adjustments in Viveza
    Neat Image NR
    Sharpening for Presentation
    Dodge selectively
    No Cloning.

    Let me know your thoughts and comments.


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