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Thread: Full Frame Options for Birding

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    Default Full Frame Options for Birding

    Hi All,

    Looking to get into full frame mirrorless setup

    Current thoughts are

    A9 ii with the Sony 200-600
    R5 with the 100-500
    R6 with the 100-500

    R6 with Sigma 500 f4

    Would welcome input and thoughts on these options or others not on the list

    I currently have an XT3 with the XF100-400 and 1.4TC

    Thanks very much

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    Hi Wayne, I use an A9 II. My primary lens is the 600mm f/4 GM but I use the 200-600 combo too, it's pretty capable and can deliver critical AF performance even with the 1.4TC. I recently posted a photo by this combo. have a look and see if you like it.

    I don't care for third-party lenses usually. One thing to keep in mind is the max aperture and focal length. The short and slow zoom lenses are OK for static and tame subjects but not going to work well for dynamic /action frames.

    good luck
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