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Hooptie Deux Redux Two Part 2

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I was able to get a little more done today.

My first project of the day was sheet metal - grinding, sanding, taping, primer and paint.
Here are a before and after:
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Name:  _JAS6943s.jpg
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Here are images of the re-wired console and wiring harness I made:
Name:  _JAS6940s.jpg
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Name:  _JAS6938s.jpg
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As my day workday was winding down, I was able to get the large port side seating section installed.
Name:  _JAS6941s.jpg
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  1. Roman Kurywczak's Avatar
    Looks like me and the clients are going to have a great ride next year! The seats look great as does the new deck!!! Sound system will have to be checked out by me personally:Whoa!:.....with the mellow music:2eyes2: after they are safely back at the hotel:t3!
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