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Hooptie Deux Redux Two

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I'm doing it again, a re-deux of the Hooptie Deux.

Last year I added a third tube to allow increased payloads and improve handling. In addition to the tube upgrade I completely change the seating configuration and increased the fence height. The new seating configuration added storage and the new fences improved safety. Unfortunately the seats where in cosmetically poor shape when I installed them.
That's because they where the only seats I could find in the configuration I needed

This is the time of year when I try to complete projects around the house and work on my boat. While I'm waiting on my wife to make some decisions related to a kitchen project I'm working on I decided to start the Hooptie Deux project.

As I planned the Hooptie Deux Redeux Two project there are a few things I need to think about. Here is how my thought process went:

  • All of the work on the project will be done by me and me alone.
  • Seats must be replaced or reupholstered.
  • Carpet must be replaced.
  • Console must be buffed and defective gauges replaced.
  • Re-wire
  • Re-power with Gell Cell Batteries.
  • Paint both the inside and outside of fence.
  • Polish aluminum.
  • Can I afford to do everything.
  • What is the matter with me? Am I psycho, I'm doing all of the work myself.

As it turns out I am able to do everything on my list. Everything on my list turned out to be a whole lot more work than I imagined (nothing new).

To begin a remodel / redo / refit like this everything must come off the deck. This includes the side rails and fence, seats, console, steering and throttle control cables, fuel tank, wiring etc.

Disassembly was easy enough (except for the full fuel load I had to contend with!). Taking the carpet off was another story.
Here are a few images of the naked deck before the carpet came off (it was so hot I had to work under the trees!!)
Name:  _JAS6756s.jpg
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Name:  _JAS6754s.jpg
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Name:  _JAS6760s.jpg
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I spent the better part of two full days grinding the glue and carpet pads remnants off the marine plywood deck. After I had completely removed the glue and carpet pad remnants I started filling holes in the deck from the reconfiguration and grinding. The boat was then moved to a new canopy to work under.
The following images are of the deck after I filled, leveled and sanded it in preparation for installing the new carpet
.Name:  _JAS6913s.jpg
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Name:  _JAS6921s.jpg
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Once the deck prep was complete I cut and rolled out the carpet on the deck.
Name:  _JAS6923s.jpg
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After making sure of the fit, I spread three gallons of special glue on the deck(1/3 of the deck at a time) using a 1/8" trowel before laying down the new carpet. The glue along with a stapled perimeter(rust proof monel staples) insure and secure fit.
Name:  _JAS6926s.jpg
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That's were I'm at right now.

What you don't see(but will soon) is the hours I've spent so far stripping off old paint, sanding and grinding the fence and railing.

Thanks for looking, I'll update soon.



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