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James Shadle's "In The Field Workshops". Can You Say Roseate Spoonbills?

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James Shadle's "In The Field Workshops"

The Original Tampa Bay by Boat Workshops and Tours!
Arthur Morris/Birds As Art, Approved and Recommended Workshop/Tour conductor.

Wild Florida Photography, with lead instructor James Shadle, is proud to present In The Field Nature Photography Workshops and Guided Photo Tours. These workshops are customizable, one-on-one and small group learning environments that allow for the utmost attention to be given to each participant. Taking your photography to the next level requires learning and understanding both the technical side of photography and just as importantly, your subject.

James Shadle is an international award winning nature and wildlife photographer and Florida Freshwater Master Naturalist, his work has been featured in numerous publications including: National Geographic Adventure Magazine, Outdoor Photographer Magazine, Audubon Magazine, National Wildlife Magazine, Pop Photographer Magazine, Shutterbug Magazine, and Visions Magazine, to name a few. James is also co-owner and Publisher of

James has an old school work ethic with the skill and ability to teach you the latest techniques using the latest equipment. James has over 34 years of experience with many film and digital formats. You will find that James' enthusiasm and passion is contagious.

Custom Workshop & Tour Pricing
The pricing listed below includes both Terrestrial and Boat workshops and tours.

Full Day

1 Photographer, $450
2 Photographers, $400 each
3-4 Photographers, $350 each

Half Day

1 Photographer, $300
2 Photographers, $275 each
3-4 Photographers, $250 each

During the busy spring season only the lowest rate is charged, regardless of the number of photographers.

If you have any questions, or to schedule a Custom Workshop or Tour, contact James Shadle via email at , or via cell phone at (813) 363-2854 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (813) 363-2854 end_of_the_skype_highlighting or Skype @ James.Shadle1

What we teach our participants while in the field is driven by their needs, goals, and aspirations. Information that we'll cover during an instructional workshop will at least include:

Matters of Light
Light Quality
Light Quantity
Soft Light/Harsh Light
Color Temperature and it's Psychological Effect
Light Direction, On axis, off axis and backlighting

How to make tack sharp images, time and time again
Using your camera's Auto Focus Modes
Using your camera in Manual Focus Mode
Handholding and Flight Techniques
Long Lens and Tripod Techniques

Nailing the exposure, the most difficult element of photography to learn(or teach for that matter)
Understanding Metering Modes
Understanding Reflected and Incident light
How to distinguish different tonalities and how they effect the final image

Using Your Flash
As fill light
As Main light

"I have been dreaming of this image for years… Thanks to James Shadle’s expertise, it is now a reality rather than a vision. He is driven, hard-working, talented, and just a helluva nice guy (as is his son Blake). If you visit Jim's web site (, you will quickly see that he is a fine photographer; be sure to check out the Wildlife and the Abstract galleries. Most excellent photographers are also-almost by necessity-excellent naturalists as well and James, having taken the Freshwater Module of Florida University's "Florida Master Naturalist" program fits right into that category. His ability to spot small creatures like rattlesnakes (swimming in salt water) and baby Diamondback Terrapins borders on the supernatural (and he is-of course-a fine macro photographer)." - Arthur Morris

"James - Thank you for a great day photographing birds in Tampa Bay. I never would have taken so many great shots without your knowledge of the best locations, and your ability to quietly approach to within close proximity. My primary goal was to photograph roseate spoonbills in flight, and I was thrilled with the images I got. I'm planning on bringing my family the next time so they can enjoy the incredible spectacle of hundreds of birds in a natural environment." - Jim Zuckerman

"Look no further than James Shadle if you want the best photographer/guide in the state of Florida. He not only knows all the hot spots, he also knows the small, little known nature spots that other guides have no idea even exist. If his instincts for finding wildlife aren't enough, he is also an outstanding photographer who loves to share his skills and knowledge and is an excellent teacher. I highly recommend James and his tours!" - Jim Caldwell

"Thank you very much for a great weekend. I made some great images,
but most of all, became a better photographer thanks to your good teaching.
I learned a lot, from a very nice guy, and in great surroundings." - Thomas S. Harbin, Jr., M.D.

"We came for the spoonbills and you sure got us spoonbills! Additionally you went on to bring us too many other birds to begin to mention. Your knowledge of the effect of the tides and winds, combined with your knowledge of the birds and their behavior and habitat ensured that we always made the most of the environment and the lighting. The combination of great birds and great light combined to give us great images.
Your handling of your photographer friendly pontoon boat and the supply of waders on board enabled us to get closer to the birds than we had dreamed was possible. We are amazed at how many of our images are full frame or close to it. In addition to enjoying your good humor and patience, we learned some new techniques that we will continue to utilize. We are already looking forward to our next tour with you!" - Bob & Jorja Feldman
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