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denise ippolito

Portland Oregon Seminar/Workshop Sept 19-20

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I will be in the Portland Oregon area giving a seminar/ workshop at Swan Island Dahlias! ~ See details below:

Denise Ippolito ~ Program Schedule September 19-20

On Wednesday September 19th I will do a full day workshop as follows:

A Morning Hands-on Photography Workshop at Swan Island Dahlias ~ The In-the-Filed instruction will include; histogram reading, proper exposure, creative compositions, how to use f-stops effectively, backgrounds and light angle. Use of reflectors and diffusers will be covered as well.

Afternoon Post-Processing Instruction ~ I will demonstrate my daily workflow starting with Lightroom- I will show you how to personalize the interface in Lightroom and simplify some of the best features. A Photoshop lesson (geared towards all levels) along with some very useful tips and tricks. I will finish off the afternoon demonstrating some of the Photoshop Filters and Plug-ins that I use to create one of a kind works of art.

Late Afternoon Photo Shoot ~ Japanese or Chinese Garden or Rose Garden ( to be determined). We will visit one of those venues for an afternoon photography hands-on workshop where we will have time to create images using some of the techniques we learned during the morning workshop.

Thursday Morning September 20th I will give a one hour program:

Slideshow program/lecture A Blend of Art and Nature ~ 10:30am -11:30am

Fee: $350.00 per person

Gear: I would recommend a sturdy tripod, macro lens and a medium wide angle lens. If you have a medium telephoto and/ or fisheye I would bring those too.

Laptop if you would like to follow along.

Comfortable shoes

If you would like to register for this event please email me for payment details.

Thank you,


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