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  1. denise ippolito's Avatar
    Stuart, Beautiful avatar image! Thanks for the kind words and you have been missed!
  2. Stuart Frohm's Avatar
    Thanks very much for the excellent interview with Arthur Morris. I've been away from the forum for too long. I look forward to catching up on other work you've done.
    Best wishes for the new year.
  3. denise ippolito's Avatar
    Nick and John, I only posted one image here. Are you not able to see it.
  4. John Hawkins's Avatar
    i cannot see the images either.
  5. Nick Palmieri's Avatar
    [QUOTE=denise ippolito;bt184]Thanks Roman, You should post some of your light creations!![/QUOTE]

    Why can't I see any of these images?
  6. denise ippolito's Avatar
    Thanks Roman, You should post some of your light creations!!
  7. Roman Kurywczak's Avatar
    Hey Denise,
    That is one cool light image!!! Looks like a glowing Christmas Bow!!! You definitely have a ton of possibilities with those colorful lights!
  8. denise ippolito's Avatar
    Cheryl, That may just be my new favorite quotation too.:) Thank you for your kind words.
  9. Cheryl Slechta's Avatar
    Denise, I love your interpretation of the art of photography and agree wholeheartedly. I collect quotations and one of my favorites, which is appropriate here, is "Success is moving from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm"...Winston Churchill. I think that sums up my attempts at creating something artistic from my photography.:)

    Quote Originally Posted by denise ippolito
    "Failure is only failure.....if you don't learn from it." Well said Roman!!! I agree 100%
  10. Jon Saperia's Avatar
    Denise, Thanks for posting this information. Artie and I had an exchange about Harlequin ducks on either the ETL or HA forum. I live in the boston area and there are Harlequins around but as you know they like the surf and the places I know are hard to get to and get close enough to photograph the birds at the right time of day. A friend of mine told me about Barnegat Jetty so I Googled it and found your post.

    I went to look at your pictures and they would not display for some reason. In any case, any additional information you can tell me about this area would be appreciated. I bet others would be interested as well.

  11. denise ippolito's Avatar
    "Failure is only failure.....if you don't learn from it." Well said Roman!!! I agree 100%
  12. Roman Kurywczak's Avatar
    Hey Denise,
    I'll chime in from a different perspective......My BG is art.....graphic I've laways seen the world a little differently/without rules.... but when I came to photgraphy....there were plento of "rules". I learned those rules....then set myself on a mission to break them! In photography, I feel you need to be technically proficient [I]first[/I].....then you are able to utilize the tools we now have go out and break those rules! One thing I have learned over the years....I can teach the technical....I can't teach vison or seeing! Your work....and other like you.....have reopened my eyes to the possibilities of what I can do with my camera!!! I have had the technical knowlege for quite some time now....thanks to great teachers!.....but the vision has always come from within. Not sure [I]anyone[/I] can teach seeing???.......because we all see in different ways. That is what makes us so interesting as humans....celebrating the diversity of what we see and is what makes each of us special and only pushes me to explore what I have inside.....regardless of what others think! Not an easy place to get to for I feel fortunate to be surrounded by so much talent in my friends and am inspired by others to try..... and achieve the best I can. [I]My camera is a tool[/I] that I choose to use now. I am willing to push it beyond its limits and see where the journey will take us. Failure is only failure.....if you don't learn from it. Digital has allowed me to achieve that vision....much quicker. [I][B]What eye endless possibilities![/B][/I]
  13. denise ippolito's Avatar
    All good points Andrew, I need to do some of those nightscapes.
  14. Andrew McLachlan's Avatar
    Very well said Denise. I like your reference to the use of lighting. As John Shaw says in his book "Focus On Nature," photography is "to paint with light" and "awareness of light is our first and most essential tool." With today's cameras, capable of capturing clean images at high ISOs, I would tend to agree with you that the camera does indeed have a bearing on the outcome, particularly with say nightscape imagery.
  15. denise ippolito's Avatar
    Akos, I said his t-shirts.:) I think he looks very handsome in the above image.
  16. 's Avatar
    I can't see a stain on his shirt above. So he does have some style by the look of it, aye Maestro?
  17. denise ippolito's Avatar
    [QUOTE=Joel Eade;bt167]Very insightful and well written, bravo![/QUOTE]

    Thank you Joel, I appreciate the support.
  18. Joel Eade's Avatar
    Very insightful and well written, bravo!
  19. Julie Kenward's Avatar
    Outstanding angle on this duck, Denise! Were you IN the water??? ;)
  20. denise ippolito's Avatar
    Thank you Decio, I appreciate your kind comments.:)
  21. decio carvalho's Avatar
    Hello Denise,
    Tks for message, about images and yr text I totaly agree,in the images theres a touch
    of sweetness.
    An embrace
  22. denise ippolito's Avatar
    Michael, I appreciate the kind words.
  23. denise ippolito's Avatar
    Roman, That means a lot coming from you. I appreciate it.
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