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  1. Hooptie Deux Redux Two Part 3

    The weather has slowed my progress a little bit, I had hoped to be finished by now.

    Not being able to work outside, I decided to make the best of it.

    New dock line was on my list of items to replace and my son(Aaron) recently gave me a reel of 3/8 three strand rope.
    Instead of buying dock line, I figured out how to splice rope and made my own.
    Name:  _JAS6999.jpg
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    The top is an eye splice, the middle is a back splice and the bottom is the rope ...
  2. Hooptie Deux Redux Two Part 2

    I was able to get a little more done today.

    My first project of the day was sheet metal - grinding, sanding, taping, primer and paint.
    Here are a before and after:
    Name:  _JAS6934s.jpg
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    Name:  _JAS6943s.jpg
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    Here are images of the re-wired console and wiring harness I made:
    Name:  _JAS6940s.jpg
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    Name:  _JAS6938s.jpg
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    Name:  _JAS6936s.jpg
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    As my day workday ...
  3. Hooptie Deux Redux Two

    I'm doing it again, a re-deux of the Hooptie Deux.

    Last year I added a third tube to allow increased payloads and improve handling. In addition to the tube upgrade I completely change the seating configuration and increased the fence height. The new seating configuration added storage and the new fences improved safety. Unfortunately the seats where in cosmetically poor shape when I installed them.
    That's because they where the only seats I could find in the configuration I needed ...
  4. And now for something completely different.

    There's nothing new, it's all been done. Right?
    This is something I haven't seen before and wanted to share.

    Driven by my need to create and more conventional Brown Pelican images than one person should have. I decided to "get stupid".

    Nikon D700
    Sigma 300-800mm @ 800mm
    ISO 400, 1/60, F29

    The thought process:
    Backlighting for drama- expose at 1 stop over the exposure value for the same front lit subject.
    F29 - to give the water ...
  5. James Shadle's "In The Field Workshops". Can You Say Roseate Spoonbills?

    James Shadle's "In The Field Workshops"

    The Original Tampa Bay by Boat Workshops and Tours!
    Arthur Morris/Birds As Art, Approved and Recommended Workshop/Tour conductor.

    Wild Florida Photography, with lead instructor James Shadle, is proud to present In The Field Nature Photography Workshops and Guided Photo Tours. These workshops are customizable, one-on-one and small group learning environments that allow for the utmost

    Updated 02-22-2011 at 01:55 AM by James Shadle

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