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  1. Roman Kurywczak's Avatar
    Looks like you've been busy! Can't wait to go for the test spin in March.....or sooner!
  2. Roman Kurywczak's Avatar
    Looks like me and the clients are going to have a great ride next year! The seats look great as does the new deck!!! Sound system will have to be checked out by me personally:Whoa!:.....with the mellow music:2eyes2: after they are safely back at the hotel:t3!
  3. 's Avatar
    Sorry James I can only see an invalid link.

    Cheers Chris
  4. Sabyasachi Patra's Avatar
    Why the image is appearing as a thumbnail?

  5. James Shadle's Avatar
    How does it look now?
  6. Gyorgy Szimuly's Avatar
    Any image file on this page is missing. Only the blue square with the white question mark is visible.

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