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Tom Rambaut
03-15-2012, 07:28 PM
I will be visiting relatives in Langley Vancouver Canada for a couple of weeks this December 2012. I would love to know some of the must see spots not just for birds but in general as well. I will have my camera gear with me but photography will not be the priority. I see that it is close to were mny have gone to photograph snowy owls. The only must do is to see Bald Eagles in the wild.

I have been in contact with some birding tour guides and may do some day trips with them. Like Australia Canada is a big country so pre planning to make the best of the time I think is a must.

Thanks Tom

Dave Leroy
03-15-2012, 10:06 PM
That is a good time to come for eagles Tom. A few thousand will gather near the mouths of the rivers in Squamish and also near Harrison River. They come to feed on the last of the migrating salmon as the interior of BC freezes up. Getting good photos of them is unfortunately a bit of a challenge from a light point of view and getting close. The weather can be suspect as well. But the eagles will be there. Both sites have eagle festivals so a Google search should turn up some info. If not drop me a line and I will track down the links. The Harrison spot can be a fun family trip to see some of the salmon fish hatcheries, river fishers, eagles, gulls and mountains.

Boundary Bay, where most of the Snowies were, and other areas close to the mouth of the Fraser River, in the Delta area, can be very good for Short-eared Owls and Harriers. We will only know for sure though next fall, October for us.
Riefel Bird Sanctuary in Delta can be good for wintering birds. Campbell River Regional Park near Langley can be good for smaller birds that time of year and the trails are always as nice walk. There are other spots as well that others may comment on. The Abbotsford Naturalists have a good website and active photographers if you are looking for some resources close to Langley.
Lots to see in and around Vancouver as well, including Stanley Park, Granville Island and other spots which are all downtown Vancouver. Whistler would be a couple hour drive one way from Langley but can be very pretty if there is fresh snow and a bit of sunshine. It is a short hour past Squamish so an eagle sight seeing trip and Whistler might be combined.

A day trip to Victoria is always nice as well. The 1 1/2 hour ferry ride through the Gulf Islands is just part of the fun.

If I can help out more let me know.

Desmond Chan
03-16-2012, 08:09 PM
Allow me to report that 10 so Snowy Owls were still seen scattered around at the Boundary Bay this afternoon (Mar 16). A few days ago, I saw 2 at the nearby Brunswick Point.

A record shot taken on Mar 16, 2012 around 03:20pm at Boundary Bay:


Tom Rambaut
03-18-2012, 11:15 PM
Thanks for the info guys. Squamish is on the list for sure.