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Giovanni Frescura
04-16-2011, 08:27 AM
I nedd your help, please.
I am an italian photonaturalist and I love eagles...so for me the best could be take photos of bald eagle...
I would like go in Homer to try..but I need a contact in the place because I will come from Italy (very expensive flight) and I could spend there only a week.
Have you any tips or email address of local people that could help me ?
Off course I could go with a workshop ..but it is very expensive and I not speak well english...
Another problem are the lens: I not use very long lens (maximum 100/400 or 300 with extender) so i need try situation in accordance with them
Thanks for all your kindly help
gioeli@quipo.it (gioeli@quipo.it)

Ulli Hoeger
04-18-2011, 12:29 PM
You didn't mention the time of year you want to go.
This may be an alternative a bit closer to (your) home.

The current issue of Canadian outdoor photography magazine featured a write-up on the Eagle Watch weekend(s) in Sheffield Mills, Nova Scotia by one of their regular contributors from Montreal. The festival happens most years on the weekends end of January/early February, but the birds (~500 are in the area) are around before and after the official days (and fed). From my own experience you will get plenty of good images with a 300mm lens, so a big gun is not really required. At least one of the images I took home can be found here in one of the critique forums.

If you are interested in reading his side of the story follow the link below and you will have access to the full version.

www.outdoorphotographycanada.com/article/bald-eagles-shef... (http://www.outdoorphotographycanada.com/article/bald-eagles-sheffield-mills-full-story)

The scoop on what went on this year festivalwise can be found here http://www.eaglens.ca/
However, this website gets usually only updated a few days before the event happens, so it is not that useful for planning a trip well in advance.


Giovanni Frescura
04-22-2011, 04:21 PM
Thanks a lot...it could be a very interesting idea..off course, I think, it will be not as in Homer (eagle catching fish) ..but interesting