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Peter Baas
01-18-2008, 08:35 AM
Hello this is my first post on this forum here after a tip of Jasper Doest, sorry for my bad english.

this is a picture so you can see of a wintermorning in the Alblasserwaard (South-Holland)


Robert Amoruso
01-18-2008, 03:02 PM

I opened this and said to myself "WOW". I like the contrast in the scene. See the image before this posted by John Cooper where I discuss high contrast scenes. However, I like this as is in that regards. The snow looks a little "brown" to me. A white point/black point adjustment in the levels adjustment layer should help followed up by a curves adjustment.

I tried working on the JPG but white and black were already blown and have a levels and curves adjustment, I think the whites look better. It would be much better to go back to the original and do levels and curves and remove color cast there. It still has a blue cast. I am not 100% happy with what I did but it demonstrates. I also lightened it a bit too much in levels.

I would suggest a crop on the right to bring in the edge closer to the tree but don't crop the tree. It looks a bit unbalanced to me and that might help. I like how you have it framed and the right edge crop will push the opening between the trees more right and get it out of the center of the image. I like how the mouth of the river spans the lower edge. In the repost I cropped as discussed.

Good visualization was used here to arrange this scene.

Ed Cordes
01-18-2008, 10:04 PM
This is an outstanding image. I absolutely love the snow on the trees and the feel of the flow of the water. The re post does brighten the snow up a bit and I think it helps. The dark area on the right that looks like a building in the distance is better not being there as in the re post. I think these are a small nits and the image is still a wonderful image.

D. Robert Franz
01-20-2008, 10:55 AM
A fine image and Robert has given some first rate information here...

Peter Baas
01-27-2008, 06:08 AM
Sorry for my late reply I was on winter sports, thanks for your tips and comments.

Peter Baas
01-27-2008, 06:13 AM
Sorry for my late reply I was on winter sports, thanks for your tips and comments.