View Full Version : WILDLIFE THEMES MAY 2016 THROUGH JULY 2017

Rachel Hollander
05-01-2016, 09:03 AM
Now that we have been doing Themes for a little over 2 years we feel like we have a good idea of the Themes that have worked with lots of participation and those that have been less successful. We're excited to have a little over a year's worth of tested and proven Themes. We're also excited to be able to post the Themes in advance through July 2017 so that you can see what's coming up. Hopefully your favorite has made the list! You can opt to shoot with a Theme in mind or to wait to post a particular image until the appropriate Theme. Of course, you can still post any Wildlife image at any time. So here are the Themes through July 2017:

May 2016 - Grooming
June 2016 - High Key Images
July 2016 - Youngsters
August 2016 - Toned Images
September 2016 - IUCN Red List Near Threatened and Worse Subjects
October 2016 - Animals with Antlers, Horns or Tusks
November 2016 - Silhouettes and Backlit Images
December 2016 - Head shots/Portraits
January 2017 - Animalscapes
February 2017 - Multiple Animals Same Species
March 2017 - Water in the Image in Any Form
April 2017 - Rodents
May 2017 - Predators
June 2017 - No Eye Contact
July 2017 - Multiple Animals Different Species

Rachel, Steve and Morkel