Rachel Hollander
05-01-2016, 07:40 AM
Hi All:

We are pleased to announce the winners of April's Predator Theme. Lots of entries this month. Thanks to our guest judge, Keith Mitchell, for doing the honors. Bragging rights this month go to:

1st Place - Carl Walker, "My Land" - http://www.birdphotographers.net/forums/showthread.php/134532-My-Land-!!

2nd Place - Andre Pretorius, "Old, Wild Eyes" - http://www.birdphotographers.net/forums/showthread.php/134957-Old-Wild-Eyes

3rd Place - Karl Egressy, "Red Fox" - http://www.birdphotographers.net/forums/showthread.php/134666-Red-Fox

Congrats to Carl, Andre and Karl!

We're also happy to announce that the June Theme will be High Key Images. Forum rules still apply. As always, please use the "Theme" prefix from the dropdown menu. Theme images will be critiqued just like other images and are eligible for IOTW honors.

In the meantime, let's start posting images for May's Theme "Grooming".

Rachel, Steve and Morkel 

Andre Pretorius
05-01-2016, 09:59 AM
Congrats to Carl and Karl!

Thanks to Mods for the honours.


Gabriela Plesea
05-01-2016, 02:15 PM
Congratulations dear Carl, Andre and Karl:cheers:, you deserve it! Stunning images!!!

And of course, thank you Keith for doing the honours:5

Warmest regards to you all,

haseeb badar
05-05-2016, 06:11 AM
Many Congratulations Carl Andre and Karl , way to go !!!

Carl Walker
05-15-2016, 01:18 PM
Thanks to Keith and well done Karl & Andre too. Sorry a bit late in replying. Just back from a trip to the Kruger national Park.