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haseeb badar
09-18-2015, 10:32 AM
Hello everyone ,

I was planning my first trip to Masai Mara in the month of Nov for 12 days , regarding that I have a few questions :
1) Is the month of Nov a proper time to visit Mara ?
2) what to expect from the weather during that period ?
3) how much time to spend in Mara ? Should I club other locations as well with it ?
Of course the Big 5 is on the wish list but birds are also on the agenda .


Lance van de Vyver
06-10-2017, 06:08 AM
Hi Haseeb

Nov is a little late for the migration, however it depends on the year and what exactly you are looking to get out of the trip. The area is still full of game and can offer some incredible photographic opportunities, as it is then the rainy season. If you have booked the trip already that is great, if not some of the lodges close in Nov-Jan so you will have to watch for that.

I am hosting a trip there in October and we are still hoping to get a late crossing as the back end of the wildebeest herds return from the North.

November/Dec is the rainy season for most of Africa so there are lots of good options to add onto your trip as well, especially for birds as all the migrants will be back!

Weather - Mild to hot! With heavy downpours the weather can drop to around 12, in the middle of the day can get to +-30

haseeb badar
06-10-2017, 11:04 PM
Hi Lance -- I really appreciate for your time and comment on the topic . I started this topic in 2015, and the same year when I went to Mara . As you described above their was rain but luckily we had good sightings, especially of Cheetahs was not very lucky with the Leopards and Of course lions were all around to see. Also happened to see return migration of a big herd of Zebras during that trip. Looking forward to visit Africa once again, it was an amazing experience and i miss those days .


Lance van de Vyver
06-11-2017, 02:05 AM
Hi Haseeb. I realized about 30 minutes after posting it all that it was in 2015 :eek3: how embarrassing haha

Hopefully your next trip to Africa is just as good! There are some magical places to find your little spotted cats :w3