View Full Version : Bringing Camera Gear Into Peru

Declan Troy
05-21-2014, 10:36 PM
Anyone with experience bringing a bag of camera gear suitable for bird photography into Peru? I've seen some reports that customs severely limits what can accompany you on a visit; e.g, 1 body, 2 memory cards, no mention of limits on lenses. I'm thinking hard about making a trip and would really like to be prepared for some wildlife photography but sure would hate to have a big disappointment shortly after touchdown!

Any sage advice or testimonials appreciated.


Sidharth Kodikal
07-15-2014, 09:40 PM
Hi Declan, you might try sending Glenn Barley a PM/email. I think he conducts workshops there and might have info to share.

Alfonso Gordon
01-25-2015, 11:57 AM
Sorry for answering so late, just read ir. I've been in Peru with 2 camera bodys, lenses, etc... and I had no problem at all. It's true that they checked my Kiboko backpack in every security control, but apart of that nothing more happened.