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09-02-2013, 03:26 PM
I'd like any information about birding in Puerto Natales, Chile.
What to expect, best time to go and so on.

Thank you.

Emanuel Tiberi
09-20-2013, 02:39 PM
Hi Fabio !

In Puerto Natales you have an old pier with a lot of Dolphin Gull and Neotropic Cormorant. You are going to go to Torres del Paines? if not, I would recommend to get into Argentina and go to Rio Turbio (26 kilometers from Puerto Natales). There you have 2 amazing spots to go birding. If you want, I can show it to you or , if it's during a weekend, I can go there and show you those places.

If you can, try to buy the following guide " Aves de Patagonia y Antartida" by Tito Narosky & Dario Yzurieta. It's going to help you a lot,

09-20-2013, 04:13 PM
Hi. Thank you for the reply. I'm considering going to Avistar Patagonia at Remota Hotel. www.remota.cl

I'd like to spend some days in the city of Puerto Natales. Do you know if I can rent a car there ?
If you have hotel suggestions, I'd like to know. Any other suggestions, I appreciate.

Emanuel Tiberi
09-21-2013, 02:19 PM

Here's a list of the places where you can rent a car


I can't recommend you a hotel because I never stayed in one, but make a reservation as soon as possible because it's always crowded

09-27-2013, 03:12 PM
Thank you. I'll start my research about the place this weekend to decide if i'll go or not.

10-04-2013, 10:33 AM
Hello Emanuel.

I'm checking the flight options. The best option that I found is below (LAN airlines).

25/10 Rio - Santiago Chile - LA787
28/10 Santiago Chile - Punta Arenas - LA281 06:20 - 9:45
03/11 Punta Arenas - Santiago Chile - LA96 6:20 - 9: 50
03/11 Santiago Chile - Rio - LA772 13:10 - 18:25

So I have 2 days in Santiago. Since I'll be with a lot of photo gear, I put to a minimum just to know the place.
Also I would like to know if would it be be better to stay 1 or 2 days in Punta Arenas and in this case if you have any hotel suggestion.
If you have hotel suggestions for Santiago, let me know.

And if you have any other suggestion for the flights, please let me know.

Any other touristic information about those places would be nice.
I can stretch the trip before Avistar Patagonia, after the workshop I think I would be too tired to waslk around as a tourist.

Thank you.

Emanuel Tiberi
10-04-2013, 06:31 PM
I would stay 1 day in Punta Arenas. There's not much to do. There's only one place for "birding" and a huge tax free zone.
This is how Punta Arenas looks like :



This one is a cheap but very good place to stay.


Even though its spring, it's still cold and windy. In Patagonia you can have the 4 seasons in one day.
In Puerto Natales you can go to "Cueva del Milodon" and "near" Punta Arenas, you have the Pali Aike National Park, which is amazing.

I don't know Santiago, sorry