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Thread: Processing raw image exercise for April 2012: clipped wings

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    Default Processing raw image exercise for April 2012: clipped wings

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    Something a little different in raw processing this month: a beautiful diving eagle image but clipped wing tips, contributed by Gail Bison. This image has a lot of possibilities for how it is processed. What would you do? Post your results to this thread. Instructions for obtaining the raw image will be posted in my next post to this thread.

    So show us your best on what you can do with this image. As with all images, BPN guidelines apply, so you will need to process the image and create a jpeg not more than 1024 pixel wide to show your work. The photographer retains all rights, so this exercise is only for posting on BPN unless you get written permission from the photographer for other uses. All posted examples need an explanation of what you did. The more detail you can give, the better, as it can help others understand better the processing steps. Examples are in the other raw processing threads (to which you may still contribute):


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