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Thread: Processing raw image exercise for February 2012

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    Default Processing raw image exercise for February 2012

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    The first raw processing image for February comes from Mital Patel.

    The raw image in dng format can be downloaded from here:

    The image is well focused, sharp, underexposed by only about 1/2 stop. The challenges as I see it is the bird is small in the frame, so after cropping, noise, and detail will be a challenge to control. Submit your best efforts in replies to this thread with maximum dimensions 1024 wide, by 800 high, sRGB jpegs. The file size limit is currently 256 KBytes but I'll try and get that raised to 350 KB like in the critique forums.

    With a good response, we'll do two per month if people do not get tired out. You are also welcome to try your processing on previous month's exercises too.


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