After the popular thread "Processing Raw Images" thread in December 2011, we'll do a monthly Processing Raw Images Exercise. Here is the original thread that started this concept:

We will need people to contribute a raw image where those interested may download the raw file, process it, and post their results to the thread. As usual, the normal image posting rules apply and the photographer retains all rights to the image as per BPN rules. So near the end of each month, up to the time when a new monthly thread is started, please submit a raw image for consideration.

To submit an image for consideration send a PM or email to the moderators with either a link to a web site or BPN posted image, or a BPN size jpeg in an email (it does not look like one can include an image attachment in a PM). Do not send any raw images. The moderators will select an image for the exercise then we will find a place to host the raw image if the photographer does not have a place to serve the image.

Only raw recorded images are allowed, and from any camera. Images should be exposed reasonably correctly and of reasonably good IQ.

Any subject that fits the BPN forums is valid.

We are particularly interested in seeing images that would be interesting to see what could be pulled out in different processing methods and interpretations. The image in the above thread was an excellent example. Beyond that, we are playing as we go.