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    I will be travelling to Bavaria with my wife in August between the 10th and the 27th. I will be a vacation trip but I am planning on going to Murnauer Moos, in search of a Corn Crake.

    I would also like to try and find a Eurasian Dotterel, any of you European BPNer's know where I might have a chance at one of these tough birds? Anywhere but Scotland?

    Distance not a problem, she will be competing for Canada at the WKA Competition between the 20th - 27th, so I'll have a few days to kill.

    No need to tell me how tough these birds are its my 5th time trying, heard the Corncrake but never can get one in the open...but the Dotterel seems to be impossible

    Thanks in advance

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    Sinuhe Hahn


    The Murnauer Moos s a wonderful place to visit - and a real paradise for birds.

    It may be a bit tough to locate a Corn Crake or "Wachtelk÷nig" - best check out:


    as well as

    These birds tend to be heard more often than seen.....

    Take care not to go off the marked paths - the moor can be treacherous and it is not uncommon to see helicopters looking for lost persons at night.

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