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    Some of you have asked how to size your images correctly:

    Here's a way:

    And you had better do this while it is still TIFF or PSD file, as not to work on a jpg (every time you save a jpg it looses information)

    Go to Image>Image size

    Type 800 on the longest side. If you have checked the three boxes at the bottom, that is all you need to do about size. The proportions will be kept.
    Make sure your image is in sRGB color mode for best web display.

    If I remember CS, it was under Image>Mode, I may be wrong there because they keep moving this command around. In CS3 it is under Edit>Convert to profile

    The go to File>Save for Web and look at the weight (kb) in the bottom left. If it is over 145 kb, go to the quality slider, upper right, and move it until you reach the allowed weight.
    If you plan to keep using this weight regularly, there's a little drop menu on the right, see picture, choose optimize to file size and type 145 in the kb space. When you return the next time, click on the little drop menu again,go to Optimize to file size, click OK, and your image will have the desire weight.

    Hope this helps.
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