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Thread: Lake Kerkini in April

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    Default Lake Kerkini in April

    Hello Everybody,

    I am planning my photographic Holidays in the first two weeks of April.
    First I was thinking about travelling to Spain, Extremadura, but friends told me, that it isn't really the best place for bird photography.
    Now I was told, that a trip to the area of Lake Kerkini would be a good idea.
    I just knew the Lake for the Fishermer and the Pelikans but not for other birds.
    This man told me, that there are a lot of birds, easy to photograph out of the car and that there are diferent hides you can use.
    Now I am looking for that hides - Manos, can you help me?
    I am sure, you have been there; is it a good idea to visit the area in April?

    Would be great to hear from you!

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    Default kerkini lake Greece

    Hi Rosl,
    Really Kerkini lake is a paradise for birds....maybe the best place in Greece for birdphotography
    the best season is the end of April and the first days of May....but all April is good!
    there are not hides as in Hungary but you can take beautiful images from the car and from boats
    sure for one week you will find over than 80 species for photography

    for more informations visit ths link....giannis is a famous man there!!!

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