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Thread: Greetings from Atlanta

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    Ravi Maganti

    Default Greetings from Atlanta

    My name is Ravi and I live in Atlanta, GA. I recently moved to Atlanta on work from my home country - India, where I'm an avid nature watcher. After a couple of months of stay here and finding my feet, I'm looking to get in touch with fellow nature lovers and photographers like yourself to get an idea of how, what, where, when of nature photography around the area i live in.

    I want to start with making a day or two day trips over the weekend from Atlanta to begin with. To that end, I request you to help me out if you know birding / wildlife / nature photography trails. I'm enjoy setting up in birding areas and wait for the action - in birding, I have been particularly interested in photographing birds of prey.

    Your response is much appreciated.

    Best Regards,

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    Julie Kenward


    Ravi, welcome to BPN! You can get that kind of information by adding a post to the Regional Groups and Clubs Forums listed at the bottom of the forums page. I'll go ahead and copy this message/request down to that forum for them to see but you'll need to check down there for the answer!

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    Ravi Maganti


    Thanks Julie!


    Please let me know where I can start!

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