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Thread: Divide Blend Mode in CS5

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    Default Divide Blend Mode in CS5

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    Hi all. Sorry I haven't been around much. Work schedule turned beastly. I have been popping in and seeing all the wonderful creations though.

    I just watched an interesting little tutorial here that I thought some of you might enjoy. It explains two ways to use the two new blend modes in Photoshop CS5. I thought the one for making a sketch with the Divide blend mode was so incredibly easy and can see where I will be able to use it as a base for some OOTB processing.

    I made this sketch just as a demo of what about 30 seconds and 5 steps* can do.

    Open image and duplicate the Background layer
    Change Blend mode of dupe layer to Divide
    Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur set to around 2ish
    Desaturate to desired amount
    Adjust Levels to desired line thickness.

    Hope you find the tutorial useful.

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    Patti, You've been missed. Thank you so much for the mini-tutorial. It sounds like it is easy and will come in handy for some images. I especially like the way the back feathers rendered. I do wish the birds head was slightly turned towards us a bit more but I think this view really enhances the look of the long bill-which is probably why you chose it:)

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    Hi Patti, good to see you here again! Thanks so much for the little tutorial, it is much appreciated. I like what you did with the base image - very nice high key sketch look! Thanks for sharing this work flow.
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    Love the effect, Patti. Thanks for the link. This looks like fun! :cool:

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