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Thread: Sandhill Cranes nesting/ baby dies

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    Rod Wiley

    Default Sandhill Cranes nesting/ baby dies

    This video shows the female crane walking on the chick, at first I thought she was just clumsy. Looking closer at the original video I discovered the entire nest was swarming with fire ants and I wonder if she was trying to kill the ants that were attacking the baby. Both parents were forced to lay on top of the ants. Its amazing that 31 days of work and hundreds of hours can boil down to under 7 minutes. Rod
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    Very well done.

    Some improvements might be made with the color grading ..

    3:16 a transition occurs where the color grading goes from blue to yellow
    4:36 transition where color grading goes from yellow to blue
    6:02 transition where color grading goes from blue to red
    6:04 red to blue

    There are a few typos in the captions:

    0:06 "images where" should be "images were"
    1:03 " Tossing" - extra space
    2:16 "Whether its" should be "Whether it's" or "Whether it is"
    4:44 "top a colony" should be "top of a colony"
    5:30 "to late" should be "too late"

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    Rod Wiley


    Thanks so much Jim, I'll change the typos, I don't think there is anything I can do about the colors changing during the thansitions. I'm using Windows movie maker and it's pretty basic. Rod

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