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    Callie de Wet

    Default Ingwe

    Ingwe is the Zulu name for leopard
    A scanned image from my F90X around 2002, taken in Sabie Sands with a 50-500 Sigma on Provia.
    Used my wife;s shoulder as a support. I love leopards, and can grow lyrical about them.

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    Lance Warley


    That's a scan? It's sharp as a tack. Stunning photo. Your wife has a steady shoulder, Callie.

    A couple of things trouble me in the poem.
    - You start out talking directly to the leopard ("You're nature's..."), then you switch to third person ("Its fierce...") and then you switch back to "Your."
    - You call it an enigma, which definitely raised my interest, but you don't explain what's enigmatic about it.

    You definitely have a lot to work with here. If you make the pronouns consistent and delve into the enigma a bit, it will enhance the entire work. I hope you give it another shot.

    I can't take my eyes off that eye. Stunning.

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    Callie de Wet


    Hi Lance
    Thanks for looking and taking the chance to comment. Why the form of the poem, if one can call it that? It just flowed out, and if you know leopards, you will know that it is a totally unpredictable feline, at home in most habitats, able to eat nearly anything that moves and that it is capable of bringing down and to most people, it is just a glimpse in the grass or an ephemeral dream. Many leopard sightings are no longer than a few seconds. All it does is whet one's appetite and leave you wondering about it, hence the enigma because one seldom comes face to face with it long enough to satisfy(solve) one's longing (the enigma). Also, English is not my home language, so I used poetic license. If you read PS 23, you will see that Davis used all three - The Lord, He, You and it forms a unity.
    Let's say the enigma will stay . . .
    Best regards

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    Julie Kenward


    Although I noticed the change in pronouns as Lance did but I still made it through the poem okay. The only thing that tripped me up was the last line - in English we'd be more likely to say "Without A doubt" - that was the only time I tripped over your beautiful words.

    Lance, you're right...the eye is stunning but look at the texture in that fur! Wow!

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