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    Default Looking back -2009

    Dear all
    As we all are preparing to welcome 2010 , I just thought to put journey of 2009 in words here.
    I am avid wildlife lover and doen this for many years through binocs. On 23rd dec 2008 I was able to buy some equips and what a year it turn out.

    After getting my equips , I was eager to visit my favouite tigerland Bandhavgarh NP and set off in early Jan. We had 7 days and 2 NP to cover. We spend couple of days in Pench NP and 5 days in Bandhavgarh. I must say sighting was great and being new to camera I made mess of all oppurtunities offerd by Tigers & Leopards.

    After coming back , I practised lot with local birds and I was off to Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve and this was much better trip. I had few gorgeous images of Tiger and leopard and confidenace in handling equips was boosted.

    In March , me & my friend Vinod Patil set off to NE India. I was more of a birdwathcing trip and amazing experience of Himalayas. First time I experienced -10 and it was bone chilling. Few new species of birds and Mamanls made this trip memorable one

    As April arrived , I was keen to spend time with Tiggus ( Tigers) and was in Bandhavgarh for 26 days in April , May & June. Lot of images were made & I am still in process to PP those , These 26 days produced nearly 3000 Tiger images and tons of birds

    July was for kids and as both of my daughters were admitted to new school , I prefered to spend time with them

    August , Once again to Tadoba , no luck with stripes but enjoyed forest in Monsooms. In later part of August I went in Konkan in search of Oriental Dwarf kF , we got him and nailed. August was special , Fabs PMed about being Moderator for Asia and I was really overwhelmed.

    Sept , We again gone to Tadoba and this time I got my prized catch of Tiger cub

    Oct , I went to Kanha NP for short trip but was very productive indeed .

    Nov, comes & Gujarat was calling. One of the best trip in 2009 and detailed Trip report is posted

    Now Dec comes and we all are enjoying year ending togather. With my daughters and wife , We will welcome 2010 and I am hopeful , it will be better one

    Merry Christmas and happy new year to all

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    Wow, Harshad, you have had quite a year! Merry Christmas to you and your family and I look forward to seeing more of the tigers next year!

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