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Thread: IR- Eastern Sierra

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    The potential for IR is amazing. I like this effect with the saturated and rich hues. I converted it from RAW and like this effect. I also have done a red blue switch in channel mixer and then pasted the bluish sky on the rest of the image. I will post an example of that later. IThe sky effects in IR are pleasing to me.
    20D converted to IR
    24-105mm @ 24mm
    1/30 sec, f/13
    Exp comp: +2 CS2 RAW conversion

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    Jason Vaclavek


    IR is on my list of to do's this year. Or to do more of this year.

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    Mark Hilliard


    YEP! IR has become an addiction for me as well. I converted a Canon 5D to IR only and have put about 2500 images thru it and only about 200 color images on my MK3! What can you say? OBTW very nice image.

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