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Thread: Factory Falls (Delaware Water Gap)

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    Ed Vatza

    Default Factory Falls (Delaware Water Gap)

    Image made during yesterday's trip to the Delaware Water Gap during which I was able to photograph five different waterfalls. This image highlights an issue I have with a couple of them. I am sure someone will say that the image needs cw or ccw rotation. Yet it seems that that because of the structure of the falls, no rotation will work. If the bottom of the falls looks straight, the top looks like it needs to be rotated. If the top is straight, the bottom line is way off. In the final analysis. This is what looks best (most natural) to me. I still would value your opinions though.

    Canon 30D; 24-70mm f/2.8L IS lens; tripod-mounted

    1/3 sec @ f/18; ISO 100; 0 EV

    Processed with Topaz Adjust, Detail and just a tiny bit of DeNoise.
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    Roman Kurywczak


    Hey Ed,
    I like the flow of the water through the image and the overall feel of fall in the image. I think you did very well eliminating most of the distractions and you chose a nice area to crop. I would revisit this in PP'ing as the whites appear a bit bright and could probably pull out a bit more detail. I think you could also bring up the sat a touch also w/o it looking overdone....still, those are easy and personal adjustments and this was well composed and exposed.

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    Fine image. Just go with bubble level! Agree with Romans PP suggestions....

    D. Robert Franz

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    Robert Amoruso


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    I agree with the above but will introduce my own personal prejudice here, I think that either the light is too strong or Topaz Adjust (which I am not familiar with) is introducing too much contrast. I reposted with a reverse s-curve correction I feel opens up the whites and lessens contrast.

    I did a 2.5 degree rotation - it is what I would settle on if it were mine. As you mentioned, the rotation is a bit subjective.

    This falls' flow and your composition of it is great. It leads the eye left to right and then left again in the image.

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