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Thread: Lake Eyre Photography Trip - Anyone Interested??

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    Lance Peters

    Default Lake Eyre Photography Trip - Anyone Interested??

    I am sure all of us Ozzies have seen the news about Lake Eyre - thousands of pelicans there nesting already and millions of birds arriving.

    Wow - Who wants to go and take some photo's???

    There are no tours that specifically cater to what we want to do - I am trying to talk to a few tour operators to see if they can cater for a personalized intineray, as most of the tours go all over the place and spend very little time at lake eyre itself.

    Anyone interested ???

    also anyone with any tips on what we need to be asking from the tour operator besides the obvious...
    Early morning starts (before sunrise)
    Late afternoon (until after sunset)


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    Sounds like a great idea, Lance. There must be some locals who would be keen.
    Tony Whitehead
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    Craig Ingram


    Well I just came back from Lake Eyre and if you get the chance I would thoroughly recommend going. I went up with some researchers so cannot really offer suggestions on who to go with but the sights and sounds were amazing. We had great access with big 4wd as the water is a long way from the lakes edge in places and boats with a very shallow draft. Don't know if you can request these things form most tour operators but you can always ask! Good luck


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