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Thread: Wales during mid july

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    Hillebrand Breuker

    Default Wales during mid july

    We will be enjoying our family holdidays in wales this year. Ofcourse the camera equipment will go too :) Can someone help me with the best locations for:

    - rocky seashores
    - great country views
    - mountain scenery
    - good birding sites

    I heard of Gigrin farm and skomer island, but is it any good during mid july? Do I have to make reservations to skomer island?

    All tips and suggestions are very welcome!

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    Not really my home patch, but can give a few pointers.

    Gigrin is good throughout the year.

    Anglsea has some nice seabirds and Chough at South Stack RSPB reserve.


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    Hi Hillebrand,
    I've been at both places, and both are ok in Mid July.
    You should reserve a place in the hide at Gigrin and should think about more than one day, because of the prob. bad weather.
    No Reservation needed for Skomer, because you can't stay there overnight if you have not prebooked months before (I tried that many times), you can go there with daily boats, but you are not allowed to stay at the Island for more than a few hours. Light is not very good for puffins, but of course it is worth a visit (take a flash with you, because you need to highlight the birds against the sun!)
    Boats do often not run, due to bad weather. So you need some extra time, if you have bad weather.
    If you want, you can contact me for further informations,

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