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    Welcome to BPN's About Birds forum. Here you can post questions about your favourite photographic subject- birds! The idea of the forum is simple: knowing more about birds makes you a better bird photographer. We think that this will also enrich your photographic experience by helping you understand and place in context what you see.

    Knowing about birds is more than knowing what species you are looking at. Topics such as behaviour, ecology, conservation and evolution are richer and deeper, and knowledge of these and other topics in ornithology contribute to your photography in a more substantial way than simply knowing what species is what. Although any bird related question is welcomed, there are plenty of sites around the web that specifically deal with ID questions and you should consult these as well. If you do post an ID question, please provide the date and location of the image so that the bird can be put in some biological context (young, adult, moulting etc). Furthermore, if you have an answer to an ID question, please say why you think a certain bird is a so-and-so species. The educational value of the forum will be greatly enhanced if people take a bit of extra time to do this.
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