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Thread: Great Blue Heron

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    Default Great Blue Heron

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    I captured this image at Parrish Park in Titusville, Florida. After crossing the bridge on the road to Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge I always glance to the left to see if any birds are in the water of the bay in Parrish Park. Only this time have I seen the waters this calm. Comments and critique welcomed and appreciated. Thank you for viewing.

    Nikon D7000
    Nikon 55-300mm VR AF-S ED, handheld
    1/640 F/8 Matrix Metering EV -1 ISO 100 Auto WB, image captured at 150mm (225mm 35mm Equivalent)
    Post processed in Lightroom Classic, Photoshop CC 2022 and Topaz Denoise AI
    Cropped for composition and presentation
    Joe Przybyla

    "Sometimes I do get to places just as God is ready to have somebody click the shutter"... Ansel Adams

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    I really like this wide view. The lighting is great, and the blues are really pretty. That said, I think you're caught between two shots here. I would have either tried to get 1) closer for a tighter vertical of the bird and reflection or 2) lower (at the same distance) to exaggerate the sense of space around the subject. The image is really pretty, but I think either alternative would have yielded a show-stopping image.

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    Hi Joe. I do like the image, but my first thought was "too much empty space", so I do have to agree with Dorian here. I love the overall colours, detail, reflection. TFS

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