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Thread: Australian King Parrot redux

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    Default Australian King Parrot redux

    Attached Images Attached Images
    The trouble with these strong reds. With some to and fro with Andreas the conclusion is that the sRGB Gamut is just not wide enough to accommodate these reds
    so they become thoroughly blocked each end of the histogram even though they are not blocked in Photoshop.
    I have posted both here. RGB histogram is as was in Photoshop. Can't find anything that can be done about that problem!
    This is sRGB.

    An image from the same session marginally under exposed
    Canon EOS R5 EF 600 f4 III 1.4x III 840mm HH
    1/3200 f5.6 iso2500
    ACR PS2022 NR Neat Image, patch tool to smooth some edges in BG, crop, slightly de-saturate the reds, sharpen.
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