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Thread: Red Deer Stag

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    Default Red Deer Stag

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    .... posing on the plains of De Hoge Veluwe in the Netherlands .
    I made a spontaneous trip to the location yesterday to see the rut , truck loads of photogs lined up along the area . Long waiting for the animals to show up , as the rangers give them a bit of food at that spot .... basically a bucket full every day .
    Then the people have the chance to see the Deer up close . The action is lasting for about an hour or shorter before the Deer disappear back into the forest .
    Yesterday the action was slow .... no fighting , not really bellowing just running around feeding a bit and chasing the females a few times . That was it ... but worth being out .
    During the day I cycled around 55 km with bike through the park , but found not much apart from nice scenery .
    Wish the Stag had turned its head or better the whole body towards the viewer , I am 50/50 on the shooting angle

    Canon EOS 1Dx III
    EF 500 IS II + 1,4 TC
    almost full frame

    F 5,6 ; Iso 5000 ; 1/2500 sec

    Processed with Capture One and PSCC 2022 ; a bit of clean up in BG on RHS

    Thanks for watching and commenting to my previous threads

    Cheers Andreas

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    Andreas, you have my sympathy you put the effort in and you got a pleasant image .. but not the one you hoped for.. I've been there its frustrating but you have produced a well processed image of what you saw. You did what you could but fortune was not on your side, so without being dismissive we move on and get better fortune next time.
    So we have a beautifully processed image ideal natural colours (yes this is me talking!!) Super shot of what you saw.
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    The capture is what it is, but not a lover of the FG clumps, a bit distracting.

    Post Production: It’s ALL about what you do with the tools and not, which brand of tool you use.

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