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Thread: Comparing Maggies

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    Default Comparing Maggies

    Hi all,

    For some time I've felt I'm not doing a great job of culling (perhaps keeping too many) - and - I have a very hard time figuring out which of the keepers are best. So, I'm wondering if our little group will help me out.

    I'm going to post THIS image and tomorrow I'll post one more. All Magpie shots. Originally, I liked the one I posted just before this. The HA was very appealing and the iridescence of the feathers shows nicely. But, after looking at this one more, I've come to MAYBE like it better. The HA is nearly identical (it was just a frame or two later), but the head is more centered between the wings which I think nicely frames the "star" of the show - the HA, and though the angle does not show the iridescence as well (or much at all), it is a sharper angle that is: less common (I think), features the feathers of the wing on the right in a less than usual way (usually the white feathers ending the wings are very striking and visible, but with the upward stroke in this frame, all those feathers are being moved back creating this swirling claw-like appendage which is also dynamic as well as a nice upward tail sweep... and finally in this shot the HA is pretty much the same but to my eye the bird looks more like here's looking right back at me. So, not sure - but probably would chose this one for a contest (I've still never entered one but it would be fun to do I think). Anyhow, if you'd wait for the next one and then ON THAT POST, let me know which one YOU think is best (and why if you care to elaborate)... just say 1 because...

    I think this could be a helpful little exercise for me.. so TIA for those who might give their thoughts.

    Anyhow here's shot number 2.

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    Yes, culling images can be quite a discipline, and it can be easy to keep way more than needed...but that quantity is subjective of course. I delete way more images now than when I began, and I feel that as time goes by I cull even more liberally. Compared to the first one you posted, this one would not have made the cut as that first one is much stronger frame and pose. If this one had been the only one sharp and not cut/clipped at frame edges, I would have been more inclined to keep it. One thing for sure, it is a lot of fun when you end up with lots of poses and compositions to choose from!

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