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Thread: Sidelight.

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    Default Sidelight.

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    Pied-biled Grebe
    D500, 700mm (500pf w/1.4), f8, 1/2000, iso6400
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    While I generally do not like sidelight, I love this one. The foreground green water and waves and the wake are spectacular. I would have loved to see this exact moment with the bird higher in the frame for two reasons:
    1- that would have given us more of the mid- and foreground.
    2- you likely would have been able to include the full reflection of the head with a small border below it.

    It looks as if the bird's neck is sharper than the left side of it face ...

    When I used Nikon I found that AF perfiramce away from the center was less than stellar, especially with the TC-E14 in place ...

    with love, artie

    ps: If it were mine I would use Topaz Sharpen AI; Focus would likely improve the face quite a bit.
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