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Thread: The infamous Arrowhead

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    Default The infamous Arrowhead

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    This is Arrowhead, the legend Tigress from Ranthambore. She appeared from nowhere and decided to stroll along the track leading to the front gate. As the sand was soft, it helped conceal here movements, well... until the Vervet Monkeys caught sight of her and alarm calls rang out, hence the pose.

    I thought I had swopped my settings to C2 pre-set, sadly I hadn't, so fortunately she was stopped when this was taken.

    Thanks to those who viewed or commented on the previous posting.


    Subject: Arrowhead female Tiger (Panthera tigris)
    Location: Ranthambore, India
    Camera: Canon 1DX MKII
    Lens: EF100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM HH
    Exposure: 1/500s at f/5.6 ISO1250
    Original format: Portrait, very slight crop
    Processed via: LRCC 9.4 & PSCC2020
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    A very good evening to you dear Steve,

    Arrowhead - what lovely name! She is a beauty. And just look at those paws, wow.

    Very nice POV and I like the warmth and tones here. Nice composition. I gather from your intro that you were hoping she would keep walking and looking straight at you. But monkeys and baboons never fail to give alarm calls when predators are around... and the big cats find this behaviour particularly annoying:)
    Technically a well captured and well processed image, as always. Good exposure and detail is great. Colour is spot on. Love those eyes and open mouth with those massive teeth, the long whiskers, she is gorgeous Was she on a hunt, Steve? Any more sightings of this famous Tigress?

    Regrettably I have never photographed this species. But many years ago had the opportunity to observe two beautiful tigers kept in large enclosures on a private farm nearby. They used to climb on top of their man-made rock shelters and lie in the sun sometimes, and I would stare at them in wonder. They were massive, and made such an impression on me. The place no longer exists, it is now a private game reserve where wild animals roam free. No idea what happened to the tigers, as soon as I started asking uncomfortable questions about the lions and other species kept in enclosures the owners stopped inviting me.

    Steve, thank you for sharing this image, I truly enjoyed viewing. And my apologies for slight digression from the topic. Don't know when the frame was captured but sincerely hope Arrowhead is still around and doing well, occasionally delighting photographers with her good looks and confidence

    Warmest regards,
    Gabriela Plesea

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    Hi Steve -- There is something about your images which really makes them work.
    I liked the colours, with the warm tones. Pose is a simple one, I definitely would have preferred the eye contact but not a deal breaker. The best part is the IQ, looks fantastic , lovely details and colours.

    She is one fine looking tigress.

    Nicely done.

    TFS !

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    Big paws on this cat. I like the pose and the open mouth. Detail is superb per ususal. Nice the tiger is in the open.

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    I lke the limited DOF it makes the head stand out very well, colours and details are pretty darned good as usual. I like the way the path leads in to the tigress also.

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