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    Dunedin, New Zealand November 2019
    I have been away for the past 6 weeks- 9 days in Costa Rica then New Zealand. Life is good when one is retired!
    I took a wildlife tour on the Otago Peninsula. The focus was royal albatross and seabirds with a visit to a private property to hopefully see YEP's as they returned from the sea.
    As we made our way down the very steep path, we encountered 2 penguins. I had way too much lens and too little time (maybe 2 minutes) before they entered into the treed area where the nests are.
    YEP's are the rarest (but not the cutest) penguins on earth. Estimates vary anywhere from 1000-3000 pairs.
    This is handheld
    Canon 1 DX 600mm v3 and 1.4x v3
    ISO 1600 SS 1/400 F 5.6
    PP:Crop to 80% FF. I had to clone out an OOF branch that intersected with penguin .
    Usual sliders in LR Classic and off to PS for levels, cloning out of branch, NR to BG and reduced exposure in the BG by 1/3 stop. Used DE/TC in Nik Efex Pro at 9% opacity, USM to JPEG.
    Comments and critiques always appreciated and learned from with thanks,

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